Juniors defeat Seniors in 2018 BOTC


Alexandria Parsons

Marlboro High School’s annual battle of the classes, is one of the school’s most exhilarating events of the year, creating both an amiable yet competitive atmosphere. Consisting of fourteen elected students from each grade, the members of each team all compete to be the leading class. Both student and faculty involvement facilitate the events such as penny wars and theme day which enhance the start of the competition towards the anticipated main event.

The Friday before battle of the classes, the themes each class represented included a night at the senior museum, junior Egyptians, Sophosites, and the freshman fright night. This year, BOTC was held on November 20th, 2018 at the MHS gymnasium. Hosted by Mrs. Henderson, the events varied from an egg toss, to tug of war, prefacing the favored lip-sync event. The loud and enthusiastic crowds of students from each level, showed off their school spirit in addition to representing their class t-shirt. Entering the final stage of the competition, the lip-sync battle, the Seniors were up by a three-point margin, allowing a chance for the Juniors to make a comeback. The lip-sync battle consisted of a series of remixed songs, along with dances and comedic scenes which exemplified the talent of each class. With the decision up to the judges, all grade levels created fair opportunities for the chance to win.

Finally, after a night of excitement and laughter, the winner of the 2018 battle of the classes was unexpectedly awarded to the Juniors. After many years of the Senior class taking the victory, the Juniors were able to comeback for the win. The entire class of 2020 rushed down the stands, all cheering in unison. By the end of the night, it was evident that every student agreed on a common factor, that they had a good time.



1st: Juniors

2nd: Seniors

3rd: Sophomores

4th: Freshman