Review of Greta Van Fleet’s New Album


Nick Vulpi, Music Editor

“Greta Van Fleet” is a new American rock band that is bringing back old school rock to the new generation of people.  They are highly influenced by the blues and classic rock and roll music. They just released their first full length album called “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” that came out on October 19, 2018.  It has mixed reviews from professional critics, but it is mainly regarded as a highly revered album. It has a fusion of old rock music with new and modern technology. It is known for its amazing and beautiful choruses, instrumentation, and its overall outstanding tracks.  Some of the most notable tracks on the album are “When the Curtain Falls”, “Watching Over”, and “Age of Man”. Some people say that some of their music sounds very similar to “Led Zeppelin”. Overall, I suggest you give this album a listen if you are a rock and roll fan.