Senior Spotlight – Megan Geller

Alyssa Randone

Editor in chief of this newspaper, Megan Geller has gone above and beyond to help make Marlboro High School a better place for all who walk through the doors. Ever since freshman year, Megan has been incredibly involved in athletics, student government, and in community service to help MHS and the outside community.

Beginning her freshman year, Megan began as a writer for the Hitching Post, staying involved for the past four years. She has been versatile in writing articles about sports, arts and news. She continues to lead the paper strong as she graduates.

Also for the past four years, Megan has been involved as a member of the MHS varsity cheerleading team. As a member, she performed at MHS football and basketball games helping to maintain spirit at all of the events she attends. Additionally, as a member of the competition team, Megan has represented MHS against other high school cheerleading squads including Universal Cheerleading Association’s national competition in Orlando, Florida. The team has been a great success and has made it to semi-finals for the past two years.

In addition, Megan has been a member of the MHS student government for the past four years. Beginning as an assemblymen, Megan now serves as the Vice President of the student government. She has helped to plan homecoming dances, Mr. MHS in the past, and other fundraising efforts, among many other events, to help boost MHS morale. This year, after giving so much the past four years to the football game and dance, Megan was voted MHS Homecoming Queen.

Outside of MHS, Megan is an Emergency Medical Technician on the Morganville First Aid and Rescue Squad. She helps individuals on EMS calls in their time of emergency. Treating the patients with various skills such as CPR and basic first aid, Megan helps to maintain the comfort of the patients on their way to the hospital. During her junior year, Megan was the sophomore liaison of the cadet division, helping sophomores become included in squad events and during her senior year was the administrative lieutenant, counting hours, maintaining attendance records and representing the cadet squad at the adult meetings.

Additionally, Megan has been active in Habitat for Humanity. After becoming a member of the club at MHS, Megan spent a week in the summer of 2016 building for Newburgh, New York Habitat for Humanity.

Next year, Megan will be off to Brandeis University. Although she will be missed by the MHS community, Megan has left her mark on the school and will be remembered for years to come.