Senior Spotlight – James Cernivani

Megan Geller, Editor in Chief

Very few people have been nearly as involved at Marlboro High School as Senior James Cernivani. Throughout the past four years, James has been involved in many parts of how MHS functions and has made and huge impact on the school. He will be missed by all next year for his positive personality and his passion for making this school a better place.

For the past four years, James has been a part of the Class of 2018 Student Council. In doing so, he has helped to give the senior class the best high school experience possible through endless fundraisers to help raise money for the class. In addition, he is active in the MHS student government that helps to make a difference for all of the students at Marlboro High School.

James has been a member of many other clubs at MHS. As a member of MS for MS and Ashley Lauren Foundation, he has helped to not only help the Marlboro High School community, but also make a difference in the Marlboro community as a whole, and beyond.

Additionally, as a part of the Yearbook Club, James helps to bring together the yearbook that all students look at every year. It is clear that a lot of hard work goes into the yearbook and James has been crucial in putting that together during his time at MHS.

It is clear that MHS appreciates the work James as done being that he won the class of 2018 senior superlative as the male who “Did the Most for the Class of 2018.” In addition, he won the superlative for “Most School Spirited.” Also, James was voted Homecoming King by his peers at MHS.

Very few seniors, if any, have given as much to this school as James has. He will truly be missed next year for the life and passion that he brings to the halls of MHS. Best of luck to James in the future. We all know that he will go on to do amazing things in the world.