The Greatest Showman

Megan Geller, Editor in Chief

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The Greatest Showman was starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum was a hit the moment it opened on December 20, 2017. It is was an uplifting and enjoyable movie with musical numbers that everyone in the theater enjoyed and I classify it as a must see.

Barnum was the son of a tailor and consumed with ideas and imagination. He always had a way to make people laugh, and that is what caught the eye of his childhood friend and eventual wife, Charity. During the early part of their marriage, Barnum worked for a trading company until it went out of business due to bankruptcy. Next, he got a loan and opened a wax museum of odd people. The museum isn’t the success Barnum hopes for, but he isn’t daunted. He decides to think bigger and goes around town searching for unique people to stage a unique show, which is an amazing success. The show is renamed, “P.T. Barnum’s Circus”. Through all his financial successes and worldwide recognition, Barnum losses sight of the important things in life, his wife, and daughters, who stick by him through his growing pains. Finally, we see Barnum grow and mature through life lessons, and before its too late he realizes that everything he always wanted was in front of him, his wife and daughters. The Greatest Showman was a wonderful movie about a man who creates a very successful empire but can walk away, and find true happiness from the simplest things, his family.

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