NFL’s Unpredictability


Vishnu Nair

Usually, with every sports league, a group of teams will dominate the entire league for many years and the final game is very predictable. But this NFL season has many second guessing this stereotype. The NFL this season has many stories that are disappointing as well as many feel good stories.

The Houston Texans must have felt as if this was a dream season; the team in the first seven games might have only went 3-4, but were riding their young quarterback’s hot hand. Quarterback Deshaun Watson was the 12th pick in this year’s NFL Draft, but no one could really tell that he was a rookie if it weren’t for him being picked in the first round. His completion percentage was nearly 62% this season, and he had thrown 19 TDs to 8 pics, and even had an average quarterback rating of 103.0. But all this was soon to be wiped away. On November 2nd, Deshaun Watson tore his ACL on their Thursday practice, and this would devastate the Texans. Juggling between Brian Hoyer and Tom Savage in their quarterback positions, the texans would end the season with an 4-12 record, managing to only win one game after Deshaun’s departure from the starting lineup.

But there is more room for young Quarterbacks, and this year, it would have to be Carson Wentz’s and Jared Goff’s year. The two were the second and first pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, and as second year players led their team to the first seed in the NFC and the third seed in the AFC respectively. Both Have over 28 TDs and and under 8 pics for the season and have had amazing years. The Rams may be out of the playoffs, but are sure to be looking forward to next year. As for the Eagles, the injury of Carson Wentz never seemed to slow them down; the team are still in it to win it, competing against the Vikings for the NFC championship.

The matchups this year are quite extraordinary. If anyone were to say the final four quarterbacks for super bowl contention were Case Keenum, Nick Foles, Blake Bortles and Tom Brady, someone might think they are insane.It goes to show how much can change with sheer hard work.