Scandal Announces its Last Season


Megan Geller

A loved American television show, Scandal will end after seven captivating seasons of mystery and adventure. The final season will begin in September 2017.

Scandal revolves around politics in American culture. Its first season debuted on April 5, 2012 and stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. Taking place in Washington D.C., the show focuses on Pope’s crisis management firm that is called Olivia Pope & Associates and White House staff, during the administration of President Fitzgerald Grant III. Together, they take on cases of many different types.

Season one serves to introduce the audience to the characters of the show. There were cases within Olivia Pope & Associates that needed to be solved, and even a romantic relationship between Pope and the President received a bit of attention. Season two brought much drama to the Scandal storyline, as there was an assassination attempt on the President. Because of this, Sally Langston takes over the role of President, and this spirals into more drama for the characters both in the White House, as well as the firm. More drama came up this season as there is a mole that is leaking classified information from the White House, and Pope and her team must work together to crack the case, in addition to other hurdles that cross their path along the way.

The show continues in seasons three, four, five, and six, as more cases are brought to Olivia Pope & Associates as well as more White House shenanigans that unfold. As far as specific incidents along the way, watching the show itself is the only way to find out what happens! It is intriguing and always brings new twists and turns. Just as the audience thinks that everything is calming down for the characters, they are just faced with more conflicts and more mysteries to solve.

Although this coming season will be the last for Scandal, it does not mean that this show has not had an amazing run. With a political edge to some romantic pieces along the way, Scandal has something for everyone. Watch the first six seasons over the summer so that by the time the fall comes, everyone is ready to see what the characters tackle one final time.