Boss Baby Reviewed


Megan Geller

Boss Baby is a 3-D animated movie based upon Marla Frazee’s book of the same name. The movie opened on March 31, 2017 and it finished first in the box office during the first weekend it was released. Produced by DreamWorks Animation the movie follows a baby who is actually a secret agent and was sent to end the war between puppies and babies. The story is told through the eyes of seven-year-old Tim, the only child of Ted and Janice Templeton. One day Tim is surprised when Boss Baby arrives in a taxi wearing a suit at Tim’s house and his parents call him Tim’s little bother. Tim soon discovers that Boss Baby can talk like an adult and though they both at first don’t like or trust each other, they must eventually team up to preserve infant love from being destroyed by Puppy Co. and to save their parents from the evil Francis E. Francis. After everyone is saved and all wrongs righted, Boss Baby goes back to Baby Corp, but misses being part of Tim’s family and especially the close relationship that he had developed with Tim. Wonder what happens next? In this movie are the major characters voices include Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, Toby Mcguire, Steve Buscemi, and Jimmy Kimmel.