Scorpion a Stinging Hit


Megan Geller

Scorpion is a CBS television action drama series based on the life of Walter O’Brien. Walter and his team of geniuses are routinely called upon to solve complex global, high tech problems. They frequently work with the Department of Homeland Security as well as other organizations and private people from around the world. The series premiered on September 22, 2014 and has currently been renewed for a fourth season. The characters include: Elyes Gabel as Walter O’Brien

a genius with an IQ of 197. As a child, Walter was arrested for hacking into NASA’s mainframe because he wanted a set of blueprints to put on his bedroom wall. Later in the series, it is revealed that he married Happy Quinn to avoid Deportation. Katherine McPhee as Paige Dineen serves as office manager for the team, and helps them interact with the everyday people they meet. In turn, the team helps her understand her genius son, Ralph. Eddie Kaye Thomas as Tobias “Toby” Meriwether Curtis, MD, a Harvard-trained doctor with a degree in psychiatry, Toby serves the team as a behaviorist, ‘reading’ people that the team encounters. Occasionally, gambling addiction causes trouble for him and the team. Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn is a gifted mechanical engineer. Happy was named for her parents’ favorite song, R.E.M.’s “Shiny Happy People”. After her mother died in childbirth, her father gave her up for foster care and her experiences in foster care make it difficult for her to interact and relate to others. Ari Stidham as Sylvester Dodd is a genius mathematician and statistician and is called the team’s human calculator. He is a highly sensitive person and struggles with OCD and anxiety, and harbors fears of germs, air transportation, boats, and open water. Robert Patrick as Agent Cabe Gallo is a former Marine and an FBI agent before joining Homeland Security. Gallo initially recruits the team to fix a serious air traffic control problem, but afterward he asks them to become a liaison team to tackle difficult missions that the government does not have the manpower or technological prowess to handle. Lastly, Riley B. Smith as Ralph Dineen, Paige’s son. He is initially believed to be a troubled child before meeting and interacting with Walter, who tells Paige that he is actually a genius and at times assists with cases.

As the show ends its third season, they are hinting that a new character may be added to the team. What talent is the team missing?