A Tribute to Chuck Berry


Josh Laufer


At 90 years of age, the legendary Chuck Berry passed away on March 18th. The brash guitar licks and grand confidence left a memorable impact on music. His music infused a pinch of country with a taste of the blues while his soothing vocals pulled in audiences.

Berry revolutionized the genre, articulating every lyric and pulling off signature guitar licks.  From 1955 to 1958, Berry released classic after classic. He was one of the first musicians to capture the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Berry was the leader of a movement that would last decades. Despite run-ins with the law in the 70’s, Mr. Berry continued to release music. He never faded out of the spotlight, because when Mr. Berry stopped releasing albums others simply imitated him. His tunes inspired California rock and the British Invasion. The Beach Boys and Beatles reworked and used songs of his.

Mr. Berry has passed on, but his music lives. His legacy lives. His impact lives. Mr. Berry was rock ‘n’ roll, and without him the entire of culture of music would be lacking a soul.