NFL Postseason Recap


Jake Ross

And just like that, the NFL season is over. Capped off with one of the most exciting Super Bowls featuring numerous milestones, this NFL season has been nothing short of spectacular. Another record shattering year in the books will be remembered by football fans forever while some hope to quickly forget mistakes and move on to a fresh season. Whatever the case, it was a remarkable season overall for the NFL and most of its fans.

By now you have heard the Patriots are Super Bowl Champs. Its no surprise they got to the big dance in Houston but how they won was astounding. But lets begin in the Wildcard Round.


The for matchups were as follows:


Seattle vs. Detroit and Green Bay vs. New York (Giants)


Pittsburgh vs. Miami and Houston vs. Oakland


Seattle won as expected, along with Pittsburgh by a significant margin. Houston and Oakland were both forced to start back up quarterbacks due to injuries to both of their regular starters. Oakland suffered a devastating loss to Houston due to an injury to young star quarterback Derek Carr. Furthermore, Green Bay and New York was the best competition until Green Bay pulled away with the game in the second half.


The Divisional round was set with number 1 seeded Dallas vs. Green Bay, Atlanta vs. Seattle, Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City, and New England vs. Houston.

New England ran away with the game against Houston and put that one away early. Atlanta and Seattle went back and forth before Atlanta prevailed in that contest propelling them to the NFC Championship. Pittsburgh and Kansas City was a grudge match and controversial at times but not before Big Ben led his team to a victory. Dallas and Green Bay was just as shocking as everyone knew it would be. After Green Bay pulled ahead by 3 touchdowns, Dallas Cowboys’ rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott mounted a comeback to tie the game. But this proved to be for naught, as Packers’ kicker Mason Crosby nailed the longest field goal of his career to put Dallas’ hopes of a sixth Super Bowl to bed.


The NFC and AFC Championships were set in stone. Green Bay vs. Atlanta and New England vs. Pittsburgh.


Green Bay versus Atlanta was an immediate blowout. Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Matt Ryan quickly put Green Bay’s hopes of another Super Bowl appearance to bed. Atlanta stomped Green Bay 44-21. New England versus Pittsburgh was not anything much different. New England showed why they are the best in the league and they deserve to be in the Super Bowl with a 36-17 romp of the Steelers.


So the stage was set: Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

Houston had no idea was about to happen. Atlanta jumped out to a monstrous lead at 21-3 heading into halftime. As many Americans turned their television sets off in disappointment due to the certainty the game was over, New England was not about to throw in the towel just yet. New England mounted the largest comeback in Super Bowl history to tie the game at 28 apiece. Atlanta was absolutely stunned. The Patriots scored 19 fourth quarter points to send the Super Bowl into its first ever Overtime. It did not take long for the Patriots to score the game-winning touchdown on the opening drive of Overtime. The Falcons did not even touch the ball in the bonus period. New England was crowned Super Bowl Champions with a final score of 34-28.


This NFL season was nothing short of spectacular and it goes to show that when we think we have seen it all, surprises are right around the corner.