The Mustangs Finish Another Successful Swim Season


Jeannette Lombardi

Marlboro High School Swimming was especially competitive this year. The girls advanced to Shore Conference and won four district meets, although they lost five. During Shore Conference, the girls placed twenty-sixth out of twenty-seven teams.  All of the girls are hardworking and valuable assets the team, but the largest assets include Kiara Liwag, Jillian Choy, Sarah Elgamal, Stephanie Ingwer, Kelly Qiang, Tiffany Fang, Caroline Posner, and Rebecca Como. Jillian Choy stated that “This season was a lot of fun and I hope the girls do even better next year.” The boys, however, had a whirlwind year. Winning eight of the nine district meets, the boys advanced to Shore Conference and States. Boys swimming won the first round of States against South Brunswick, the score 92-78 on February 6th. Then, they advanced to the second round of States, unfortunately losing to Rancocas Valley 107-63 on February 10th. Their overall record is 10-2, which led to Marlboro winning the district title.  Marlboro’s Boys Swim Team placed eleventh at Shore Conference out of 30 teams.  Notable times from then include Leonardo Carnevale who placed fifth in his 100-yard freestyle at 50.23 seconds and fifth as well in his 100-yard backstroke at 56.63 seconds.  Other valuable assets to the boys’ team include Thomas Vulpescu, Zachary Amster, Darren Wone, Tristan Nguyen, Ryan Luo, Pole Lee, Kyle Lui, Fei Phua, and David Perez.  The coaches and teammates were beyond ecstatic that the boys did so well.  The assistant coach stated: “I’m so proud of our boys.  It was such a huge accomplishment to make it to the second round of states this year.  I can’t wait until we kick butt next season too!”

*Stats for aforementioned teammates below.

Darren Wone 100-yd Breaststroke – 1:15.00
Tristan Nguyen 100-yd Freestyle- 56.51

100-yd Butterfly- 59.89

Kyle Lui 100-yd Breaststroke- 1:14.13
Fei Phua 100-yd Butterfly- 1:00.25
Pole Lee 50-yd Freestyle – 24.14
Ryan Luo 50-yd Freestyle- 24.20

100-yd Backstroke- 1:01.39

200-yd IM- 2:22.08

100-yd Freestyle- 53.00

Leonardo Carnevale 100-yd Freestyle-50.27

100-yd Butterfly- 58.32

Thomas Vulpescu 200-yd Freestyle- 1:58.09
Zachary Amster 50-yd Freestyle – 24.41

100-yd Freestyle- 55.20

David Perez 100-yd Butterfly- 1:01.70

200-yd Freestyle- 2:06.69



Kiara Liwag 200-yd Freestyle- 2:18.94

100-yd Butterfly- 1:11.00

Caroline Posner 100-yd Freestyle- 1:04.25

100-yd Backstroke- 1:10.44

Rebecca Como 50-yd Freestyle- 27.06

100-yd Backstroke- 1:11.06

Sarah Elgamal 50-yd Freestyle- 27.50
Tiffany Fang 200-yd Freestyle – 2:19.84
Stephanie Ingwer 200-yd Freestyle- 2:15.26

100-yd Butterfly- 1:15.00

100-yd Freestyle- 1.02.03

Kelly Qiang 100-yd Breastroke- 1:16.77
Jillian Choy 200-yd Freestyle- 2:02.44

100-yd Butterfly- 1:05.87

100-yd Freestyle- 58.71


*Best times for each event

50-yd Freestyle 100-yd Freestyle 200-yd Freestyle 500-yd Freestyle 100-yd Backstroke 100-yd Breastroke 100-yd Butterfly 200-yd I.M.
Pole Lee – 24.14 Leonardo Carnevale – 50.27 Thomas Vulpescu – 1:58.09 Thomas Vulpescu – 5:19.04 Leonardo Carnevale – 58.44 Kyle Lui – 1:14.13 Leonardo Carnevale – 58.32 Leonardo Carnevale – 2:12.96
Jillian Choy – 26.92 Jillian Choy – 58.71 Jillian Choy – 2:02.44 Stephanie Ingwer – 6:05.35 Jillian Choy – 1:09.96 Kelly Qiang – 1:16.77 Jillian Choy – 1:05.87 Natalie Lau – 2:19.84