North Korea’s Missile Launch May Have Further Implications

Josh Laufer

A few weeks ago, North Korea launches an intermediate-range missile at 7:55 a.m. While it was deemed that this missile had no threat to North America, many suspicions have been raised. This launch came merely days after President Trump urged that defending against threats from North Korea is a “very, very high priority.” It appears that Kim Jong-un is attempting to strong-arm President Trump and assert his dominance.

The missile was tracked into the Sea of Japan. President Trump has asserted his backing of Japan during these times. Yet, the main issue remains between America and North Korea. North Korea claims that ICBM, intercontinental ballistic missiles, are being worked on. Kim Jong-un has claimed that the final stages of an ICBM are being completed, stating that it could be deployed “anytime and anywhere.” Tensions continue to rise as threats of nuclear attacks persist.