Carrie Fisher Passes

Josh Laufer

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The passing of Carrie Fisher sent shock waves throughout the world. She was only 60 years old. Although Fisher is best known for her role in Star Wars, countless people quickly pointed out her other contributions to art and the world. She was an accomplished author, script doctor, screenwriter, comedian, and actress.

Growing up in a Hollywood family, with her parents already famous, Fisher battled through the struggles that accompany that scenario. She fought drug abuse and mental illness from an early age, as documented in her books. Battling against addictions to cocaine and LSD, she continually dealt with internal struggle. However, she persevered and shared her experiences in hopes of empowering others.

Similar to the actress herself, Fisher depicted Princess Leia as a character that was strong and cunning. She led the charge to empower women, using her medium as a launching point. Throughout her career, she has taught fans to face adversity. The Force will always be with Carrie Fisher.

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