Senior Spotlight: Nia Jones

Megan Geller

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Nia Jones is a very well known senior around Marlboro High School. She is involved in numerous clubs at MHS and has greatly impacted our school community. Over her four years of high school, Nia has achieved much success and accomplishments.

As a member of the African American Latino Student Organization (ALSO) for four years, Nia held several positions and a senior she is now President of ALSO. In addition, Nia spent two years as a member of Advocates for Character and Tolerance (ACT) whose mission it is to make a difference. ACT promotes tolerance of diversity within the Marlboro community, by promoting anti-bullying and equality for all students.

Nia was honored to be selected as a member of Marlboro High School’s Peer Leadership, where she has had the opportunity to learn leadership skills and the ability to use them to help others. Nia knows that the skills she learned here at Marlboro High School will serve her well as she enters college and later in her life. Also, Nia was selected to be a member of Anytown- Lead for Diversity. This is a small club that performs skits and presentations to raise awareness for tolerance and diversity.

Nia was also a member of the MHS homecoming court and was voted the school’s first African American homecoming queen.

If these activities aren’t enough, Nia was on her sophomore and senior year’s BOTC team, where members practiced tirelessly, for weeks, to prepare for the event.

In school, math is Nia’s favorite subject. Even though Nia admits “I’m not the best at it, but I love the subject anyway because there are so many ways you can go about solving a problem, and there are also so many types of problems that need solving.”

Nia will miss so many things about MHS: mostly the energy that the school has and her friends. “I’ll never forget this place. I’ve made so many friends and became close with so many teachers and staff. All these memories will definitely last me a lifetime.”

As an active member of our school community, Nia Jones is a role model for all Marlboro High School students. We wish Nia the good luck in college and know she will have a bright and successful future.

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