Senior Spotlight: Nicolette Carcaldi

Megan Geller

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Nicolette has been very successful throughout her high school career at Marlboro High School. She has been very involved in the MHS community while being involved in the varsity girls’ swim team, theatre society and Executive Student Council.

As a member of the girl’s varsity swim team for three years, Nicolette was very busy with this sport as a freshman, sophomore, and junior. The swim team had Nicolette up and swimming in the pool, before many of us at MHS were even out of bed. As a senior, Nicolette decided not to swim this year, so as to give more time to the school as the president of the Executive Council, while finishing her college applications. Nicolette is responsible for the Homecoming Dance and Teacher Auction.

The theatre society of MHS has been home to Nicolette for four years, as she fits school plays in to her schedule along with her community theatre schedule.

Math and Physical Education are Nicolette’s favorite subjects, with Ultimate Frisbee, being at the top of her list. Depending on Nicolette’s college choice, she may join her college’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

What Nicolette will miss the most about MHS are her friends and teachers. Throughout her years, Nicolette believes her friends have been there for her through her ups and downs and the memories they have made together. She will also miss the teachers at MHS who taught her things about life, in addition to the curriculum, and have always been there to support her. “They taught me to stand up for what I believe in and other useful life lessons.” If there is one teacher in particular that she would like to thank, it would be Mr. Nesi, for always giving 100% as the advisor of student council and trusting her, as the President, to come up with new ideas and get them approved.

Marlboro High School will miss Nicolette next year as she moves onto college, but we wish her the best of luck!

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