NFL Season Review/ Postseason Preview

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NFL Season Review/ Postseason Preview

Jake Ross

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The NFL season, thus far, has been nothing short of surprises. Whether it’s the Rookie lead Dallas Cowboys or the surging Raiders lead by Derek Carr. With the playoffs nearing, the time to make a strong push for the postseason is now and teams have definitely noticed and adjusted to the atmosphere.

Let’s start with the Cowboys. Early in the preseason, it was safe to say the Cowboys were either all-in or all-out. Tony Romo was a hit or miss until he suffered a fracture in his lower back, ending his hopes of playing a full season. Cowboys fans were devastated and ultimately wrote this season off as the next quarterback up was Rookie Dak Prescott. Prescott showed early signs of being a stable quarterback in the preseason but it was unclear if that early success would translate into the regular season. Fellow Rookie Ezekiel Elliott also showed that he could be as talented, if not more than, the great former Cowboy, Emmitt Smith. Well, after the first game, there were tons of positives despite a loss to the Giants after a bone-headed play from Terrance Williams after he opted to stay in-bounds, negating any opportunity for the Cowboys to try for a game-winning field goal. The final in that one, 20-19 Giants. The next eleven games flew by so fast, the league didn’t even know what hit them. The Cowboys won their next eleven games putting their record at an astonishing 11-1. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott lead the charge with history shattering numbers, which in turn put their names in the MVP race. The Dallas offensive line has also been the catalyst for a threatening, scary offense with the best point differential in the NFL. The Cowboys streak ended Sunday against the Giants in East Rutherford after a hard fought, defensive battle.

Now, the Raiders. The Oakland Raiders have easily been the most well-rounded team in football thus far. They are lead by quarterback Derek Carr and defensive end Khalil Mack. Oakland boasts a current 10-3 record after years of losing seasons. Their high-powered offense and talented offensive line have helped contribute to their success. Contradictory to their success, the Raiders do not actually lead the division. The Kansas City Chiefs, 10-3, lead the AFC West. The Chiefs recently took the division lead over the Raiders after a 21-13 Thursday Night victory over the Raiders.

The New York Giants have also been a surprise at 9-4 in the NFC East. They are two games behind the division leading Cowboys and hold the first wild-card spot. The Giants are 9-4 but have been extremely inconsistent. They win tight games but struggle with games they are “supposed to win.” Their defense is nothing short of elite but in contrast their offense is sub-par. They will prove to be a huge threat come postseason if they continue to win and make the playoffs.


So, yet again the Patriots are in first place at 10-3.


The NFL playoff picture is currently as follows:


NFC:                                                               AFC:


1 Seed- Dallas (11-2)  (X)                              1 Seed- New England (11-2)

2 Seed- Detroit (9-4)                                       2 Seed- Kansas City (10-3)


3 Seed- Seattle (8-4-1)                                    3 Seed- Pittsburgh (8-5)

4 Seed- Atlanta (8-5)                                      4 Seed- Houston (7-6)

5 Seed- NY Giants (9-4)                                 5 Seed- Oakland (10-3)

6 Seed- Tampa Bay (8-5)                               6 Seed- Denver (8-5)


No team has clinched any sort of playoff spot but the Dallas Cowboys have clinched a playoff berth and have secured a chance at competing for a Super Bowl.

There are three weeks left in the NFL season and things may just start to heat up for teams in the playoff hunt. Be sure to tune in on Sundays for all the action and intensity.