Gilmore Girls is Back


Julia Hetzko

Gilmore Girls a series highly raved by many, was set to come back for a revival, announced in October. The revival was said to contain four ninety minute episodes whose names pertain to the four season, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. All of the episodes were released on Netflix, November 25th. All of the main characters were said to return, and did. Actors such as Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore), Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore), Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore), Scott Patterson (Luke Danes), and many more came back for the four episodes. The revival takes place nine years after the last episode of the original show aired. The show’s revival is said to answer many questions that the original series did not, which of course excited many fans of the show. Sadly two actors were said not to return, one being Richard Herrmann who passed away in 2014. Melissa McCarthy was the other actor not returning. McCarthy fortunately did make an appearance in this last episode. As trailers were released the anticipation for the series was built up and many major entertainment outlets started to publicize it. Websites like Buzzfeed and The New York Times were covering its release.

As for the series itself, outstanding. All of the actors seemed to sink right back into the habits of their 9-year old characters. The actors made it appear as if no time had passed. The series starts out with Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel), visiting her hometown, Stars Hollow. From their many problems stat to uproar, such as her job, living situation, and love interests. In each of the four episodes fans see many old problems arise like the never ending conflict between Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop). Even new issues rise up, one being Emily attempting to deal with Richard’s passing and ultimately starting therapy. Viewers see breakdowns, makeups, and resolutions they’ve been waiting nine years for. The main shocker of the revival was the abrupt and sudden ending. Not to say the specifics, once the series has been released for a certain amount of time fans will be needing more. While the creator claims she does not want the ending to be full-circle, will this be the end to a loved series? While the revival claims to answer many questions, it seemed to only open more opportunities and raise more questions. However, there is room for more seasons, perhaps fans will get a second revival season. Is this the end of Gilmore Girls?