The Senior Girls Hit Their Final Spike: A Season Review


As the fall sports season comes to a close, the members and coaches of girls volleyball reflect on the amazing experiences they’ve had as a team.

            The varsity team ended the season with 8 wins and 10 losses. Although they did not make the qualifications to get into Shore Conference, they’ve had some impressive wins and memorable improvements as a team.

            “When we lost our seniors from last year, we lost four of our starters and we struggled a bit,” team captain Hannah Lee recalls. “But as the season went on we really learned how to work together as a team. We definitely had our differences but we worked it out and had some really great wins this season.” These wins include two victories each against Red Bank Regional, Howell, Long Branch, and Neptune.

            The players of the team have undoubtedly worked hard to maintain their achievements. Altogether, they’ve completed a total of 64 aces, 146 service points, 120 kills, 98 assists, 127 digs and one block this season. Junior Talia Hanaburgh leads this year’s record with 22 aces, 59 service points and 88 assists, while senior Natalie Delgado leads with 43 kills and senior Hannah Lee had an impressive 82 digs. Other notable successes include seniors Mikayla Yuen’s 11 aces, 2 kills, and 21 digs, Rachel Loeser’s 6 aces, 2 kills, and 20 digs and Sam Amitrano’s 2 kills and one block. Juniors Jane Toyber and Nicole Stack achieved 2 kills and 10 assists while sophomore Allie Garcia had 2 aces and 27 kills.

            Coach Walsh and Coach Caruso have definitely contributed to the team’s boost in both confidence and technique.

            “Coach McNamara retired last year and it was Coach Walsh’s first time being head coach,” Hannah Lee discusses. “It was really different than having Coach ‘Mac’ as a coach but we ended up having a great time and we all improved a lot, thanks to Coach Walsh and Coach Caruso.”

            Ms. Caruso also recalls her time being assistant coach, mentioning that the win against Red Bank Regional High School was one to remember and thinking ahead to next year’s season.

            “We’re losing a lot of seniors after this season, so some JV players will be moved up to varsity,” she notes.

            The girls finished off the fall season with enthusiasm and well-earned pride in their team’s accomplishments and we look forward to see what next year brings!