The Girls Volleyball Team Serves Up An Outstanding Season


Vivian Rousseau

            Each of the girls volleyball teams have kicked off the 2016 season with determination, dedication, and excitement to improve their skills and play the game they love.

            As of October 10th, 2016, the junior varsity team stands at an impressive record with nine wins and only three losses, while the varsity team has worked hard to come out on top with a tie of seven wins to seven losses. Led by Coach Walsh and Coach Caruso, and motivated by varsity team captain Hannah Lee, the team has charged into the season ready to practice hard and improve their game with every bump, set, and spike. Despite some uncertainties, the girls are sure to finish off the season with a victory after reassurance from Ms. Caruso in a recent interview.

            “We’ve lost a lot of seniors,” Ms. Caruso responded when asked about possible setbacks for this year’s season. “But a couple JV players have been moved up to the varsity team.”

            As for incoming players on the junior varsity team, adjusting to the consistent practices and games can be difficult. However, it’s important to keep in mind the advice given by Ms. Caruso.

            “Don’t give up, don’t get down on yourself because it’s your first time playing,” she offered. Especially because there are few recreational volleyball teams here in Marlboro, new players may not feel they have had the years of experience playing volleyball as long as other athletes may have had playing popular sports such as soccer or baseball. But with the expertise of upperclassmen, as well as the motivation and helpful tips given from the coaches, incoming volleyball players are sure to have the environment to build their skills.

            October 18th marks the last volleyball games for both the JV and varsity teams against Barnegat High School before they begin competing for Shore Conference with details to follow. Good luck Lady Mustangs!