Homecoming 2016 in Review

Danielle Merlo

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As the first leaves begin to fall, you know it’s the start of football season. Along with the football season is the annual Homecoming dance and game, where the Marlboro High School football team has their first match right on our home field. The day before the game is the Homecoming dance, where everyone gets dressed up and is ready to party.

The annual homecoming dance was October 7th and carnival themed. Several decorations were hung up and put on displayed that gave the illusion of being in a circus, while you danced the night away. Tickets for the dance were $12 and you were also given special tickets that allowed you to play numerous games that were set up: basketball, ring tossing, and frisbee.

Along with the dance came several traditions of announcing the Homecoming Court and a new tradition, which started in 2015, of announcing Homecoming Princesses, only for freshman, sophomore, and junior grade levels. The contestants for the Homecoming Queen were called and walked out with their escorts. Danielle Spano, Shanna Martin, Meaghan Pannasch, Nicolette Carcaldi, Nia Jones, and Jennifer Vozzo were the contestants. The class princesses were also announced and escorted. Princesses included freshman class princess, Alexis Rosen, sophomore class princess, Danielle Merlo, and junior class princess, Jessica Ayzen. The Mr. MHS candidates were Salmon Nachum and Sam Kamras.

October 8th was the Homecoming game and even though the day was rainy and gray that did not stop the Mustangs from playing their hardest. Tickets for the game were $2 and the bleachers were filled. The Marlboro High School marching band stood in the bleachers and the cheerleaders cheered out on the track field. Marlboro versed Howell High School and each team played hard, scoring multiple touchdowns between the two teams.

Half time was unforgettable as the Marlboro High School dance team performed and the marching band played in the field along with them. After the dance team and marching band performance, the Homecoming Court, Princesses, and Mr. MHS were all announced. Everyone began by walking together across the track field on the home side of the football field. The Homecoming Court was announced first, followed by Mr. MHS, and the class princesses. Trailing behind the princesses was Emily Braisted, who was the former Homecoming Queen in 2015. Eventually, it came down to the moment of truth. Danielle Spano was announced to be Ms. Congeniality and Nia Jones accepted her title as the 2016 Homecoming Queen. Along with Ms. Congeniality and Homecoming Queen came the announcement of the Homecoming King and Prince. Sam Kamras was announced the Prince of Homecoming and Salmon Nachum was announced Homecoming King.

Once the game was over it was official that Mustangs had won! The winning score was 20-14 against Howell High School. With the crowd cheering and the football players congratulating the other team for their hard work during the game, the 2016 Homecoming game was successfully finished.
Homecoming court: Nia Jones (Homecoming Queen), Danielle Spano (Ms. Congeniality), Jennifer Vozzo, Shanna Martin, Meaghan Pannasch, Nicolette Carcaldi.

Class Princesses: Alexis Rosen (Freshman), Danielle Merlo (Sophomore), and Jessica Ayzen (Junior).

Mr MHS: Salmon Nachum (King) and Sam Kamras (Prince)

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