Yet Another Successful Track Season

Jacob Wasserman

As this school year comes to an end, so does another season for our track team. This year, ten team members qualified for the State Group Championships, which is a great achievement for the team especially considering that our school did not have a track for most of the season. When asked about how he would improve on this season’s performance, team member CJ Maree said that he, “Want(s) (him) and my team to qualify for bigger meets”. Amar Naboulsi was asked the same question and due to her being a senior this year, she answered that she thinks that, “(They) accomplished a lot this year, especially considering the fact that we didn’t have a track to run on for most of the year. Next year, I hope our team keeps setting records and will hopefully compete at nationals and in Arcadia again.” Both students were asked about who they think will have big years next year, and between the both of them, they named Julian Hill, Kwaku Amponsah, Eddie McBurnie, CJ Maree (by Naboulsi), Brianna Mullan, and Danielle Spano. For the 2017 season, we can definitely expect big things from those team members. As a senior, this was Amar Naboulsi’s last year on the team, and she said that even though running track was challenging, she would not trade her experiences for everything. Congrats to the team on a great season and good luck to all of the seniors in whatever their futures bring!