Zootopia is a Must See for All

Megan Geller

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Zootopia is a great family movie to go see in theaters now! It is action packed and perfect for children of all ages!

The movie is about a city that would remind you of New York City, where the biggest elephant to the smallest rodents live “peacefully” together. However, when a small town bunny wants to be a big city police officer, animals believe the little bunny will have trouble enforcing the law as a “dumb bunny”, and was even assigned the job of meter maid when she joined the force. This movie demonstrates hardwork and determination, through Officer Judy Hopps, not letting other animals in the big city stand in her way. Beginning when she graduated first in her class at the police academy she was determined to prove herself. Officer Hopps takes on the case of twelve missing predators that have gone “savage.” No other police officer has been able to complete this task that has been going on for weeks. Officer Hopps is given three days to solve the mystery, by the boss of the Zootopia police, or she has to quit the force. With the help of a new friend Nick Wilde, a fox, Officer Hopps cracks the case. However, her life starts crashing down when she becomes known as the hero cop for solving the predator case. Judy quits the force over her guilt of tearing the city apart between prey and predator. Now why are the animals going savage suddenly?

This movie is a rollercoaster of excitement that is wonderful to share with the whole family.

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