This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry

Anthony Cordi

A mourning sea of Purple Rain has already cast its impact on the year 2016, beginning with the death of music icon David Bowie earlier in the year, to the late Prince; in which popular music subsequently lost its Prince of Pop.

With its causes still unknown, the pop megastar passed away on April 21, 2016. Suspicion and speculation still revolve around this case, being that many questions remain vague and shrouded with mystery. The “Little Red Corvette” singer played an unforgettable show on April 16, 2016, seeming perfectly fine in front of his audience; playing a set of almost 40-plus songs. Questions were raised when the star demanded that his fans, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” To what the singer was referring to still remains unknown, however, it eerily fits within the current unfolding events.

Days after the concert, reports show that the singer’s flight back to Minnesota met an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois due to suffering of what his representatives call, “the flu.” After being rushed to a local hospital, it was revealed that the singer had overdosed on the prescription painkiller, Percocet, which resulted in his illness in the first place. After being discharged from the hospital on behalf of Prince because of his frustration that his demands could not be met, the singer returned to his Paisley Park Estate.

Reports swirled that he was seen waiting in front of a local pharmacy pacing back and forth, waiting for his prescriptions to be filled.

Days later, the pop icon was found dead in an elevator within his estate.

An autopsy was performed, however, no direct cause of death was discovered.

The legacy of Prince spans in all directions, affecting many aspects of pop culture. His relationships with Hollywood’s brightest of the old and new generations proved that he was a legend of the times. In emotional interviews with fashion mogul Donatella Versace, she recalls vivid memories of the two, and just how much he meant to her and their role in the realm of fashion. Other legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder took to CNN to reveal his sentiments over an on-air interview, becoming emotional while talking about his dear friend.

Just as many mourned, celebrations burst out across the country, and even the world. From the streets of Minneapolis to the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Prince’s music filled the streets, as did people donning purple in the singer’s memory. Spike Lee hosted a block party in Brooklyn to commemorate the singer, and to honor the legacy that he left behind.

Prince is survived by two ex-wives, and had no children. Although they were separated, both ex-wives expressed their immense sorrow and love for the deceased artist.

Although he changed his name to a symbol in response to a legal dispute with his record company, it is clear to see that the name “Prince” cannot be erased from the minds of the many. From promoting a more loving and peaceful world, becoming an activist in the world of civil rights, and expressing funk and fun through his music, Prince is deserving of his place as an icon.

His hit singles, “When Doves Cry,” “1999,” “Little Red Corvette,” “Purple Rain,” and “Kiss,” are among the short list of the vast array of artistry that Prince had created.

After his death, it had been revealed that the singer has a vault in which thousands of songs and videos were yet to be released or seen by the public eye.

It is this love for music and compassion that the artist exuded to the world that provides the basis for what he will be remembered by. Voices pan in and out on the radio, but Prince’s star is still shining bright.