Senior Spotlight: Anthony Cordi

Senior Spotlight: Anthony Cordi

Jen Geller

Anthony Cordi is a senior at Marlboro High School who has impacted many of his peers. He feels as though he has grown throughout the past four years and will miss MHS when he graduates.

Anthony is involved in many of the clubs at Marlboro High School. He has been very dedicated to the MHS newspaper club and has been part of the staff holding many leadership positions. As a Sophomore and Junior he was Assistant Editor in Chief and Pop Culture Editor. Now as a Senior he is the Online Editor. As an active member of the Ashley Lauren Foundation, he has served at the Fundraiser Manager, Secretary, and Vice President during his Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years respectively. In the Ashley Lauren Foundation, Anthony has helped to organize their annual Sadie Hawkins Dance.
Anthony also serves as the president of the Italian Club.

Additionally, Anthony has been a member of Anytown (Lead for Diversity), National Honor Society, Student Council, Student Alliance for Equality, and Kaleidoscope literary magazine club. He has been very involved within the MHS community.

As a very spirited member of the MHS community, Anthony feels as though he has made the most out of his high school experience. He said, “from giving performances for Anytown to giving tours of MHS and helping parents during Back to School Night and Conferences to even just attending BOTC, I have seen and done it all.”

Anthony has loved all of his teachers and cannot pinpoint one that he adores more than the rest. All have helped him to grow over the past four years into the person that he is today. He feels as though he has achieved so much here and can be successful at anything he sets his mind to.

If he had to give one piece of advise to his freshman self, Anthony said it would be, “Keep doing you. You will be on television in a decade. Change that D in biology though.”

There is no doubt that Anthony has made the most of his high school experience and will be very successful in the future.