Gabe Argush and Dean Dijour Featured on America’s Greatest Makers


Jen Geller

Marlboro High School seniors Gabe Argush and Dean Dijour have recently been featured on the television show, America’s Greatest Makers. Together they made an company called Collarator which produced the CollaRadar, a very useful tool in helping to both track dogs and prevent them from running away.

Dean wanted to make something that will help the world around him and this was the inspiration behind wanting to create the CollaRadar. He says, “Necessity is the mother of all invention. If you see a problem, search for a solution. If you can’t find a solution, make one.”

Specifically the idea for Collarator came from Gabe’s dog, Archie. Gabe stated that Archie ran away very often and none of the “solutions” on the market worked. He said, “We took matters into our own hands and made the CollaRadar.”

What the CollaRadar does specifically is track a pet so that they cannot run away. The user creates a GeoFence on the app to set the boundary for the pet. Following the fence creation there is a training period so that the pet can get used to the boundaries and where the pets can go and where they cannot go. The app also can give the owner the pet’s location, speed, direction, and the device battery life. If the pet wanders toward a boundary on the fence there are a series of high frequency speakers and vibration warnings that will keep the pet inside the fence.

Gabe and Dean found out about the show, America’s Greatest Makers, last year when Gabe’s father read online about casting call for a competition. They applied wanting the entire world to see their invention and the benefits that it would have for the entire world. Since then, they have enjoyed pitching their idea and showing the world why the CollaRadar is a device that would be viable on the market and superior to current pet tracking systems. Inventing is something that they both really enjoy and they want to share this love with the rest of the world.

Gabe said that if he had one piece of advice he could give it would be, “to keep pushing forward. You are going to find yourself in difficult situations, but strength of character is really shown in times of adversity.”