You’ll Be Okay

Amanda Lopez

Amanda Lopez

You’ll be okay.

Tell the evils you’ll rue the day.

When they try to bring you down,

Show them you can turn the situation Around.

And when they try to take you down,

Don’t worry, the solution will be found.
You’ll be okay.

Show everybody you’re here to stay.

And that words can’t hurt you no more.

That you’re here, can take on some more.

And when they try to reap your sadness,

Show them you can defeat the madness.

Don’t succumb to your fears,

Hold your loved ones close and near.

Don’t shut them out,

Don’t force them to ask about

Why you’re suffering?

Why you’re dying.
You’ll be okay.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Don’t cry because it’s over,

Smile because it happened.

Don’t dwell in the past.

Propel to the future fast.

You’ll be okay.

Don’t stay sad, send the memory away.

When they don’t believe you,

Just smile and enjoy the view.

Of your newer, better, freer life,

One without hardship, one without strife.
You’ll be okay,

To the one stuck in the same relationship to this day.

You’ll be okay,

To the one suffering day-to-day.

You’ll be okay,

To the one worried about our world’s decay.

You’ll be okay,

To the kids with the minds nobody seems to pay.

You’ll be okay,

To those taunted for things they can’t delay.

You’ll be okay,

To those confused on what to do after a fray.
To my friend, who has no clue

On what to do,

After finding out that the one he loved

Isn’t the same as the one he holds above.

Well, my friend, I only have one thing to say.

You’ll be okay.