Senior Spotlight: Jen Geller

Senior Spotlight: Jen Geller

Dance team, Anytown, Advocates for Character and Tolerance, Habitat for Humanity, Student Government Vice President, National Honors Society, Co-Editor and Chief of the Hitching Post, what doesn’t Jen Geller do? “Many people ask me, ‘ do I ever sleep?’ and the answer is yes, I make time to balance everything in my busy schedule.” Senior Jen Geller is an athlete, a leader, and a friend to many students in Marlboro High School.

Jen has been on the Marlboro High School’s dance team since her sophomore year and has participated in dancing at basketball games, football games, and even danced at the Freehold Halloween parade.

Besides dancing, Jen also is a prominent member in Marlboro High School’s Anytown club. Anytown-Lead for Diversity is a select club of 12 students that are nominated by teachers in the spring of the year before. Nominated students go through an application process and several interviews, with teachers and administration before they are selected. Jen feels very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to participate in this club, which met during the summer before the school year and before school, once the school year started, preparing presentations to show to the school. Throughout the year, these presentations send powerful messages to the students of MHS about diversity and tolerance for everyone.

Moreover, Jen also is a member of ACT, Advocates for Character and Tolerance and SOS,  Sources of Strength, which are two clubs whose mission it is to make a difference. ACT promotes tolerance of diversity within the Marlboro community, by promoting anti-bullying and equality for all students. SOS is an organization whose goal it is to give every student somewhere to go and have someone to talk to if they need help whether the situation is from inside or outside of the school.  Jen really likes being a member of these groups because she feels that she is making a difference in someone’s life and in our Marlboro community.

Jen has been an active member of Habitat for Humanity since her freshman year , and even even spent a week during the summer before her junior year with Habitat for Humanity rebuilding a home damaged by a natural disaster. As a senior, Jen is the Vice President of the Student government and is very active in organizing many events. Jen has been the Co-Editor and Chief of the Hitching Post, our school newspaper, during her junior and senior years, and has been known to write many articles for each edition of the, since she joined the club her freshman year.

She is also an active member of the National Honors Society  and has continued to be an active member in the community through community service. Furthermore, Jen is an EMT and an active member of the Morganville First Aid and Rescue Squad, where she rides and saves live for approximately 40 hours a month.

Marlboro High School will miss Jen when she goes to college, however, no matter where Jen goes after she leaves MHS,  she will continue to be a positive role model for others for many years to come.