Senior Spotlight: Joe DeCollibus

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Senior Spotlight: Joe DeCollibus

Jen Geller

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Joe DeCollibus, also known now as the class of 2016 Mr. MHS, has had an amazing high school experience. He has been involved in activities both inside and outside of Marlboro High School and has made the most of his time here through clubs, sports, and special events.

Joe is a member of Sources of Strength and is a member of the Varsity Lacrosse team. Additionally, he is a part of Student Council. Outside of school, Joe does quite a bit of volunteer work with The Challenger Program and Catholic Youth Organization. In the Challenger Program, Joe has the opportunity to teach children with disabilities how to play sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. In the Catholic Youth Organization, Joe volunteers in his church to raise money and collect donations to give to homeless shelters, food drives, and clothing drives.

As a member of Peer Leadership, Joe really enjoys being a role model for the underclassmen. In his Peer Leadership class, Joe finds that he is able to put all of the difference with his classmates aside and do amazing things for the MHS community.

In addition to organizations and clubs, Joe has taken part in several in school events. This year, Joe took part and won the Mr. MHS competition. Also, this was Joe’s fourth year being on the class of 2016 Battle of the Classes team. BOTC is Joe’s favorite memory of MHS to date. He will, “never forget the crowd screaming and the overall atmosphere of the gym.”

Joe says that the teacher that has made the biggest impact on him is Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson was Joe’s junior year history teacher and helped him through his most stressful year of high school. Mr. Anderson gave him advice for sports and college preparation. Joe found his class fun and informative, teaching him life lessons for the real world beyond high school.

If Joe had to give freshmen advice for their high school careers, it would be to get involved very early. Joe said, “Don’t be afraid to go to the sports games or participate in events going on in the school.” He stresses that the high school experience is what you make of it and Joe had an amazing time participating on clubs, sports, and events. He truly had an unbelievable experience at MHS that he will always remember.

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