Mr. MHS: A Night to Remember

Mr. MHS: A Night to Remember

Jen Geller

On Monday, November 9th, students and staff gathered for the annual Mr. MHS competition! In this event, five senior boys battled to see who would be able to go home with the prestigious title of Mr. MHS. With all of the entertainment that took place the night of the competition, there is no wonder why this was a fun event for all who attended. The five contestants this year were Joe DeCollibus, Chris Peckyno, Adam Heitner, Josh Sheynkman, and Asher Kantor.

The hosts for the competition were Homecoming Queen, Emily Braisted, and Miss Congeniality, Alexa McFadden. They narrated the entire evening for the audience keeping them engaged and informed about what was about to take place. First, the competition began with an introduction of the contestants and their catwalk in front of the judges. The contestants strutted their stuff across the stage for the first time of the entire evening. To follow were performances by the Marlboro High School Dance team. One routine even included a number with the Mr. MHS contestants in it! The boys were able to showcase their dancing ability.

In addition to the Dance Team routines there were two other musical performances of the evening. Senior, Julia Farella, sang and played the guitar for the crowd. She played the songs “Riptide” and “I’m Yours” and her performance was spectacular.

The Mr. MHS contestants also put on a very funny skit. In this skit Josh Sheynkman played Ellen Degeneres, Chris Peckyno played Donald Trump, Asher Kantor played Hillary Clinton, Adam Heitner played Kanye West, and Joe DeCollibus played “Kyle” (a college student who was president of his fraternity). The skit was a political debate for the presidential election that was hosted by Ellen and really caught the attention of the audience.

In addition, the contestants did a second skit later on in the evening that included their own idea of “synchronized swimming.” With a fake ocean and music in the background, the performance was extremely entertaining. Next, the boys participated in a Question and Answer session as the judges asked the Mr. MHS candidates a series of questions to answer. From what the students will do the day after they graduate to what subject they would teach if they were to go into teaching as a career, the contestants had to answer truthfully and on the spot.

As the judges were tallying up all of the points, the MHS class of 2016 senior superlatives were announced. This was a great way to unite the entire school with a few laughs as the winners were revealed.

All of the Mr. MHS contestants did a fabulous job and really showed Marlboro High School’s pride and spirit. However, at the end of the day, there could only be one winner. Chris Peckyno won “Mr. Nice Guy” and Joe DeCollibus won the title of “Mr. MHS.” Overall, a lot of hard work went into the logistics and planning of this event. Chris Peckyno said that his favorite part of Mr. MHS was, “working with the other contestants to create a great performance.” Everyone involved did a fabulous job in making sure the performance was entertaining for staff and students alike. Congratulations to all on a job well done!