Girls Soccer Season Wrap Up

Megan Geller

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Kicking their way to the end of a long season, the twenty-three members of the girl’s varsity soccer team had each other’s backs all season long and created bonds that will be everlasting. They worked extremely hard this season and should be very proud of themselves.

Though the girls finished the season with a record of 5-12, Senior, Sarah Tropper stated, “Overall, in my opinion, this was a great season. Everyone on the team really helped make my senior year, and last year on the team, special.”

Even after being defeated, the girls held their heads high and ended proud of what they had accomplished. Lead by Mr. McGeough, the coach, these girls fought hard and most importantly, made them selves proud. The team will be saying goodbye to 8 seniors, Sarah Tropper, Andrea Vetrano, Kerin Miller, Charis Chukua, Alexa McFadden, and Mya Schaumloffel, and are wishing them the best of luck next year in college.

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